What to expect in Dak Drinh Lodge?

Few decades ago, as the country stepped out of poverty, tourism sounded weird. Only very small ratio of governmental cadres had a vacation every few years, following a strict procedure of selection (and all expenses were borne by the government). As the country opened itself, living standards got better and tourism demands grew. First, this definition was perceived for the rich, meaning tourism relates to luxury only!

It is true that luxury tourism brings about significant ratio to local and national income and attractive profit margins to those involved. Well, these customers deserve (and have the rights to ask for) best services! No question!
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A luxury hotel. Source: the internet

 Gradually, the-not-yet-rich also want to go for a change and tourism definition extends. The young travel, and the old also travel, for either a long or short vacation. Demands grow, in various forms. With popularity of hi-tech toys, selfie trends blossom and all suddenly become photographers with a click. Another click, they all look like actors or actresses on facebook or Instagram. In Quang Ngai, heaps of check-in stops have been open for this trend in the past few years.
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A colorful flower field in Ha Giang Province

They are good in some aspects, for certain visitors. However, Dak Drinh Lodge is for different groups – those in true love with nature, wishing to indulge into nature and experience local culture, living at slow pace and leading a simple life. Thus, don’t expect that DDL will offer a vast colorful flower field, or similar, for photography.

To reach DDL, one may challenge himself with a long, steep and bumpy road, then facing the simplicity and even lack of convenience. One may feel bewildered at the absence of technology or weak internet reception, or bad temper of the compound manager. For what? For doing nothing! Lying down and seeing the azure sky, the mist lifting on the green hills, the sun setting on the green lake; waiting for the coffee dripping in the chilly gust; floating the boat on the lake; gardening or simply taking a sound sleep in the absolute silence under the skyway of stars. Those that you would never expect in crowded cities!
A 'lazy' life at DDL 

If you are brave enough to overcome those barriers, then see you in Dak Drinh Lodge!

Author: DDL