Exploring Ly Son as a backpacker

Located 30km offshore, Ly Son island is isolated enough to separate itself from the bustle life in the mainland, but the journey is not too long for those who are seasick. As being a home to crystal-clear beach, pristine landscapes, fresh seafood, friendly people and unique cultural stories, Ly Son islands has every factor to make itself known and attractive to tourists. The recent improvement of transportation even makes the island more accessible.

It is easy to find tours to Ly Son islands operated by almost every tourism agency. Information about the islands is also abundant which make it easier for visitors to plan a visit, either by tour or by themselves. Services such as accommodation, transportation have also improved significantly contributing to more enjoyable experience of solo travelers. This writing piece will be dedicated to those seeking solo experience in the islands. Pack your stuff and let’s head to these beautiful islands.
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Camping among volcanic rocks

It is of no problem to find somewhere to stay in the island. All you need is a bit of courage to start a conversation with the locals and ask for staying with their family. Don’t aim for fancy accommodation but aim for an interesting experience. You don’t need to pay for your stay but a small present might means a lot to your warm and hospitable host. Or if you are ready to immerse to nature, bring your tent. The beach near the port or the near the lava bridge on the Little Island or the Tuff Volcanic Cliff on the Big Island are strongly recommended. One advantage of camping in these areas is that you can jump to the crystal-clear ocean at any times; but be aware of the sharp scallops hiding under the water.
You could explore the Big island on foot or rent a motorbike. The former option might expose you a chance to get lost in tiny winding alleys, capture the genuine daily life of the locals, learn about their well-known onion and shallot cultivation or deeply immerse yourself in stories about the first land-claimers of the islands back in the old days. When the tide recedes, experiencing the rocky path connecting the Tuff volcanic cliff to the Champa cave pagoda on foot would be unforgettable. This 1km path could amaze you as it is a living museum, telling stories of the history of volcano and sea transgression happening few thousands years ago. Taking a stroll around the Little island, you will encounter a vast greeny orange bush. This type of orange, small in size, has light, sweet scent and taste. Skirting through the garlic fields will lead you to the top of Hon Dun, a young volcano, which offers a panorama view of the entire Little island. Further down there are terrace fields with stone banks looking like a chessboard.
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Seaweed salad 

About food, you might want to get up a bit early to go to the market on the South of the Big island to buy freshly-caught seafood (such as shrimps, squids, fish) from the fishermen. Then you just need to borrow pots and pans from your hostels or homestays to cook them. You don’t have to be an excellent chief to make a good dish, all you need to do is to boil or steam them to retain the flavor. Then eat them with rice paper and vegetables dipped in the home-made fish sauce to feel the truly delicious taste which the King could no way have better courses.

If you don’t have problems with seasick, you could ask local fishermen to go fishing overnight on their boat. Being immersed in the complete darkness of the night, a tiny boat seems fragile towards the relentless waves, which could make one feel how small we are compared to the nature. Suddenly, human nature prevails, one would feel the need for fellowman; hatred and jealousy would become nonsense.

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What makes Ly Son islands special and unique compared to other islands is that despite its modest 10km2 area, it encompasses several extraordinary landscapes formed by volcanic activities aged millions of years ago. Moreover, it contains a great number of archaeological relics, unique cultural features reflected in the generosity, friendliness and hospitality of the islanders. Those precious things could be hardly experienced in a short trip. Hence, slowing down your living pace in Ly Son islands would definitely reward you engrossing experiences.

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