Silk flowing amidst Son Tay woods

About 75km from Quang Ngai City, Silk Waterfall is hidden in the deep forest of Son Tinh Commune, Son Tay District. It can be located from far as its white is prominent in the dark green background of the forest.

At the time of writing, the fall is still intact with no adequate access road to the site. If going there by car, parking will be around four kilometers away. If motorbike, you will have to walk about two kilometers along the tiny path. You will always find the path interesting with landscapes, wild flowers or local farming practices. You may encounter bamboo fences, no worries, jump over thems as they are erected to prevent buffaloes or cows, not humans.

After half an hour walking under the shade of the forest, we arrived at the toe of the fall. Despite summer weather, we did not feel the heat under the thick shade of big trees and moisture disfussing from the fall. There is large pool at the fall toe and water is really clear and rather cool. There seems to be no reason refraining yourself from jumping to the lake to swim in cool water in such a hot summer day. Dipping in the water, viewing thick plants over your head, listening to water falling against rocks, observing colorful dragonflies and butterflies swinging on the water surface, you may dream that you were in heaven.

Thinking of a day camping, you may take some snack, choose a rock in the stream, relax or read some favorite books. You won’t be disburted by any soul.

Silk Waterfall is about 30km, or one hour by motorbike, away from Dak Drinh Lodge, it is just perfect for a one-day tour.

DDL Team.

Author: DDL