Restore green for the wood

Wishing to set up a stop for tourists, also insisting on the architecture in harmony with nature and local culture, the only feasible option is maximize the use of local available materials. It is the fact that in addition to abundant materials such as bamboo, areca and reeds, timber is irreplaceable. Not industrial plywood but natural timber would count, to erect pillars, beams or so. Cutting trees, or deforestation, is not what DDL team support or want to do.

Few options are then considered. First is taking use of timber from old and abandoned houses, kind of recycling. This may result in lots of effort to refresh and tailor to fit new structures. Another option is collecting broken trees that washed down to the rivers or lakes by floods. The house made of these collected timbers will be mixed with different colors and borned by unpleasant odor for certain days.
Timber collected after floods 

It is the sad fact that similar to other mountainous districts of Quang Ngai Province, the size of natural forest in Son Tay District is almost a big zero. Hardwood trees are rare but everywhere is industrial trees, specifically acacia. After few years, these industrial tree forests are harvested; and it looks like scars all over the mountain ranges. What a heartbroken view!

As soon as choosing to stay in Son Tay District, DDL dream of planting trees, including hardwood trees, with hope to partially restore the sustainable green of the uplands. By far, apart from areca symbolized for the area, fruit trees, myrtaceae or flowers, DDL has planted dozens of perinnial and hardwood trees.

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Transporting plants to DDL by motorbike

Many have teased that your life is too short to benefit these trees. It is true that when one is stil living from hand to mouth, short-term plants will be prioritized; a tree that takes decades to harvest is definitely not visioned. But if not today, then next few decades, there won’t be plants or forests! Moreover, invisible values from planting hardwood trees including the shadow, fresh air, pure water resources, or nice view may be more than their physical values.

We still have land for your contribution parts. Come to join us!

Author: DDL