When visiting...?

Lying at the elevation of 600m above the sea level and sharing the border with Kon Tum Province, Dak Drinh Lodge has climate features of the Central Highland with two seasons. Dry season is from March to September and wet season is from October to February. Temperature difference between daytime and nighttime is rather large; it may be hot during the day but will be chilly at night.

February to April may be the best time to visit DDL with no rain neither heat. Wild flowers and butterflies are abundant on the way to DDL.  Early March is harvesting time, you will see beautiful terrain paddy fields in gold color and happy smiles of local farmers on a productive crop. An interesting cultural feature during this time is buffalo-worshipping festival, in which, gongs are played. A heap of traditional practices can be observed during this festival. Don't hesitate to join them!

Dry season is from May to September. It may be a bit hot during the days and chilly at night. This period is perfect for outdoor activities on the lake, as kayaking, fishing or tour around the lake. Downpour may happen during June and July, which may last for around one or two hours. August is the best time for cloud photography, especially in early mornings. The scene is heavenly beautiful.

Rainy season starts in October and last till January next year. There are lots of specialties to enjoy during this period, for instance, bamboo shoots. November is time harvesting 'natural' rice and the season of new [farming cycle] year. A lot of traditional customs can be learned in these festivals. Rainy season is also the best time to slow down your living pace, leisurely observing nature and reflect yourselves.

You will have interesting experiences in different seasons.