Son Tay District has ample of primitive streams and waterfalls which are known mainly to locals. Services are completely absent in these attractions. DDL provides guidance and logistic arrangement for your experiences in these places within a day trip.

- Easy and nearby is Go La Stream (within Son Dung Commune), 12km away from DDL. This can be accessed by motorbike or car, then you can walk/climb upstream. Locate a good site to relax or swim in the natural lake before ejoying lunch.

- Farther and more challenging is Lua Waterfall (in Son Tinh Commune), 35km from DDL. This is one of the highest fall in the province. You can easily locate it from afar as a white silk (after its name) flowing in the mountains. You are expected to walk 2km (if travelling by motorbike) or 4km (if by car) to the fall. No matter how hot the weather is, you won't be affected by the heat in the fall area. This is definitely worth a day of joy!

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