Dak Drinh Lodge is well located in the Kadong ethnic communities, which are now considered parts of Xedang group. In Vietnam, this group has 170,000 persons, living mainly in Kon Tum, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai Provinces. In Quang Ngai, most of Kadong live in Son Tay District.

Kadong people have preserved many cultural traditions. Firstly, living in houses on stilts. As personal observation, among five mountainous districts in Quang Ngai, which is home to three ethnic groups of Cor, Hre and Kadong, the Kadong in Son Tay District has highest ratio of living in house on stilt. No matter whether living in streets or in remote area, they always have a house on stilt with a traditional kitchen for gathering and delivering traditional ceremonies.

Other traditional ceremonies such as buffalo stabbing, worshipping water sources, celebrating new rice crops, etc. are practiced often. Chewing areca nut is also most seen here among ethnic groups in Quang Ngai. Kids at five or so start chewing betels. A must-have for a labor trip is a small bag containing areca stuff. Areca chew also contribute to strengthen community spirit and solidarity among Kadong communities.