Dak Drinh Lodge (DDL) is located on Dak Drinh Reservoir, in Dak Lang Village, Son Dung Commune, Son Tay District. It is at about 500m above the sea level, 8km from Son Tay downtown and 80km from Quang Ngai City.

Son Tay downtown is on East Truong Son Road (formerly known as Ho Chi Minh Trail), connecting Tra Van Commune (Quang Nam Province) to the  North and Mang Den Town (Kon Tum Province) to the South.

DDL is embraced by Kadong communities, where chewing areca is very popular. This may explain its brand as The Land of Areca. Also, in the distance of 10km, there are various streams, lakes and waterfalls that will not disappoint those wishing to indulge themselves in the nature arms.