Boat tours

A nice leisure activity is take a boat around the lake viewing mountain landscape, rice terrace and passing traditional stilt houses on slopes.

Floating on the lake in the early morning to feel the mist lifting on lake surface or in late afternoon to wait for the sun setting behind dark mountain ranges would be unforgettable moments.

Of course, you can drop by aquaculture on the lake to get some fresh fish.

For the adventure lovers, kayaking in the lake with average depth of around 100m would be a irresistible challenge.

It would not require much effort as kayaking in the river or in the sea, kayaking in the lake is rather a piece of cake. Paddling your way to the lake to experience utmost freedom, sharing the view with no other soul.

Walking few kilometers through stunning streams and valleys along the lake, passing fascinating Kadong villages would give you a glimpse of daily life.

A more challenging hike is to conquer ‘the roof of Quang Ngai’ where the tradition of protecting ‘holy forest’ is still preserved by Cor group. This hike passing the primitive forest to the peak of 1,413m would be a real challenge.

Escaping from noisy life and coming to Dak Drinh Lodge is an opportunity to enjoy a slow-paced life. We highly recommend you to relax and do nothing; enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, relax with a glass of wine, read favorite books, watch birds back to their nests, or join our daily gardening.

In the cold evenings, together with your beloved, set a traditional wood stove, make a hot tea, grill a sweet potato and share stories keep relationship warmer.

Try escaping from four walls to sleep in the woods, under the stars to enjoy the fresh air. In the early morning, wake up to see moisture lifting on the lake, the sun shining behind the mountains, birds chirping in the trees. How peaceful the life is!

Dak Drinh Lodge offers basic necessities for you to experience living in the outdoors; of course, security and safety are taken care!

Up to your hobbies, you can come to Dak Drinh Lodge to go fishing, taking photos of clouds, birds or if you are confident with your craft skills and patient enough, we can arrange for you to learn weaving basic bamboo baskets from locals.


On occasion, Dak Drinh Lodge may arrange different volunteer programs for our guests. The programs, based on local real needs, may vary from teaching kids, teaching English for teachers and students, repairing roads, constructing public facilities, or donating gifts, used clothes and blankets for the locals.


Transport: The road from Quang Ngai City to Son Tay District is generally in good condition despite many curves and steep slopes. However, Dak Drinh Lodge is located in a remote village; about 2km to the facility is rather steep, narrow and it is more challenging in rainy season. Expect to walk or take a motorbike during wet season. Another option is take a boat from the dam to DDL. Contact us for details!

Protect nature and environment: Wishing to live in harmony with the environment, Dak Drinh Lodge would not encourage or offer services or products originated from the wild. Also, help us realize this by refrain from using plastic bags or utensils.